When there are Problems

Family life - as every parent knows - is rarely ever 'plain sailing'. Sooner or later problems arise. Most families are able to resolve these difficulties within the family unit, but for some the problems are so serious and deeply-rooted that outside help is called for.

What Level of Support?

Most families experiencing serious difficulties find it helpful to have someone to talk to. Some just need a 'breathing space', away from pressures - somewhere they can take stock and address their difficulties. Others, facing problems of a more serious nature, may need a higher level of support.

Whatever the circumstances we aim to provide help and support in a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere.

How can we Help?Image: Charis House (room inset)

At Charis House, in the Derbyshire spa town of Buxton, we provide supported accommodation in comfortable, furnished rooms.

Families who stay with us are offered an appropriate level of support and access to a courses designed to support parents in key areas (see below)

- Relationships & Marriage

- Personal Problems

- Parenting

- Finances/Budgeting

- Pregnancy Advice

- Self Esteem

- Post-natal Depression

- Drug/Alcohol dependency

Parenting CourseWe can also help with Housing, Home Management, Cooking, Nutrition, Health, Hygiene, Personal Growth, Further Education, Work Training and Job Seeking.

Families are usually referred by statutory and voluntary agencies - including Social Care and the Probation Service. We work in partnership with these agencies to achieve common goals.

Parenting Course
Our Home Too

Although Charis House is a large building, visitors often remark on its "homely" atmosphere. Perhaps this is because some of those who work here also live here.

Image: resident's kitchen and dining room
Resident's Kitchen and Dining Room

Clients can cook their own meals in a spacious, modern kitchen, or they can purchase subsidised meals prepared by our cook. We provide a balanced diet that is both appetizing and nutritionally sound. The emphasis is on low fat, low sugar foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

When possible, food is baked or grilled rather than fried. We cater for Vegetarian and special diets and are happy to blend foods for babies. Domestic tasks, such as cleaning and washing-up, are shared on a rota basis.

There are two lounges where residents can relax, read or watch television and a well-equipped Nursery and Pre-School Centre.

There are book and DVD libraries, televisions, radios, CD players and DVD players. When funds permit, we hope to open a gym in the basement.

Our Christian Faith

We make no secret of the fact that we are a Christian organisation - staffed by committed Christians - but our Image: Alpha logodoors are open to all families, regardless of belief. If asked questions about our faith we do our best to answer, of course, but we never pressure residents into "seeing things our way".

For those who do want to find out more about the Christian way of life there are local Alpha courses they can access.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that every human being is made in the image of, and for the glory of God. Therefore each individual has intrinsic worth and must be valued and respected. Everyone deserves encouragement and should be given equal opportunity to reach the potential God has placed within them.

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