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Skills Training Projects

free-range eggs | woodwork project | woodland management | drystone walling
fence building/maintenance | conservation | horticulture | animal husbandry | equestrian


Image: entrance to farm

Our skills training project is a Social Enterprise based at Oldfield Farm and Norman Wood Farm in the beautiful Goyt Valley.

Participant ‘ownership’ is the key to its success - which is why we encourage clients to become involved with planning as well as participating in the various activities. Clients can choose from a number of skills training enterprises:

free-range eggs
• woodland management
• drystone walling
woodwork skills
• fence building/maintenance
• conservation
• horticulture
• animal husbandry
• equestrian skills

Good News Family Care skills training projects operate as a Social Enterprise to strengthen the way we work with our beneficiaries by creating:

  • More effective training opportunities and experience.
  • Developing the potential to generate additional income towards the core costs of the organisation.
  • Helping to finance and develop sustainable micro businesses from our current and new activities.
  • Maximising income-generating potential in all activities.

We welcome referral for the projects from a variety of agencies including Probation and the Community Mental Health Team or from individuals themselves.

To make a referral please complete a referral form and send to us by post

Image: Hens under a blue skyClickClick for more info

Image: Spike - the farm cat
Land Girls!

Image: Hazel on Tammy
Seed planting


Our riding track - thanks to Aviva
Community Fund Award

Image: horses
The horses studiously ignore
the breathtaking scenery

Image: Len's dog Jack
Riding Instruction

Image: The main barn
Image: White Faced Woodland sheep
The Lleyn sheep watch in wonder
Image: reservoir
View from road to the farm as it passes over the dam at Fernilee reservoir

To find out more about our Agricultural/Conservation project,
contact Hazel on 01298 24761 or

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