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Woodwork Skills Training Project


Based in one of the barns our Woodwork Project is designed to provide therapeutic training, encouraging self confidence and self esteem.

Image: woodworking tools

The training involves instruction in the safe use of Saws, Chisels, Drills and other woodworking tools, as well as the construction of timber garden furniture and planters etc. Emphasis is placed on discipline, time-keeping and working safely.

The course is designed to equip clients with the skills and, more importantly, the self-discipline required to help them achieve full time employment.

The aim of our Farm project is to raise the skill levels and self-esteem of the people we work with. Training (in land-based skills and woodwork) is a key feature of the project, lead by our qualified intructor Matthew Preston

Plans are in place to establish a programme that will provide clients with a Level of Achievement award as they reach required standards.

At Level 1, clients are limited to working with ‘hand tools’. As they reach greater levels of skill they progress to Level 2 where they can complete a project they have designed themselves - such as a small piece of furniture or a woodcarving.

Clients who show aptitude can progress to Level 3 where they become involved in repair and restoration work and making items from scratch. Proceeds from the sale of items made or refurbished help to defray costs.

If you would like to see some of the things we've made at the project, why not take a look at our
'Online Catalogue'.

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