Family Life in Britain today is in "meltdown"

As Christians we could not stand idly by as our country's quality of life crumbled around us.
We felt that we must become involved and be part of the solution.

Good News Family Care exists to support the Family, to encourage a return to Christian
family values and to provide a 'safety net' for familes in crisis.
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The future of humanity passes by way of the family. It is therefore indispensable and urgent that every person of good will should endeavor to save and foster the values and requirements of the family.” – Pope John Paul II

"Families matter because almost every social problem comes down to family stability"."If we can get the family right, we can fix our broken society."

Conservative leader
David Cameron

David Cameron and family
Tony Blair & Family

"Strong communities
revolve around
strong families"

“All of society’s social ills can be traced to breakdown of the family. In some of the more heavily populated urban areas of the country, family life is, quite frankly, in meltdown"

Mr Justice Coleridge, a senior judge in charge of family courts

Beverly Hughes

Consider the statistics...

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More than 40% of marriages end in divorce. The number of divorces granted in England and Wales in 2004 was 153,399. More than half of these couples had at least one child aged under the age of 16
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Nearly one in two children in the UK are born to unmarried parents, compared with one in eight in 1980. 26% of children (2.3 million) currently live in lone parent households, compared with 15% in 1986. Figures for 2006 showed 250,000 more one-parent families than in 1997.
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The median duration of marriages ending in divorce is a little over 11 years. The average cohabitation relationship (not ending in marriage) is a just 39 months.
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One in four single women aged 18 - 49 are living with a man to whom they are not married
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Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. In 2002 legally induced abortions were carried out on 3,514 girls aged 15 or under (nearly 1,000 were aged 14 or younger)
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The percentage of births outside marriage continues to rise. In 2004, 42.2 per cent of births were outside marriage, up from 41.4 in 2003
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In 2004, more than 500 legally induced abortions were carried out in England and Wales EVERY DAY - a total of 185,400. (82% were funded by the NHS)
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In December 2004 around 100,000 people were living in temporary accommodation. Family breakup was cited as the main cause.
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A child whose mother is living with a partner (not the child's father) is 33 times more likely to be exposed to abuse than a child living with its natural parents who are married
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5,000 children every week suffer the pain and anguish of a broken home. 4,000 children call Childline every day

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