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Blog: GNFC Thanksgiving, Prayer needs, News and other thoughts

This is a space to share and celebrate what God is doing through GNFC. God is loving and merciful to us everyday, leading us to worship Him and declare of His goodness for us and those whom we serve. God is inviting us all to be part of the story, what is your part? We would love to hear from you, if you would like to contribute to this page please email mail@gnfc.org.uk to get in touch.

Please check back regularly to see the latest updates.

As the GNFC team are getting ready and preparing for our 23rd Anniversary (the 18th November by the way!), it is a significant time to remember and pray for all those who have supported the charity since it began – without their input through prayer, financial giving and practical support GNFC would not be in existence. We are also prompted to stop and pray for all those who have been through the doors, for whatever reason they needed support we trust that God touched them then and continues to work in and through their lives.

Below is a piece written by our faithful friend Paul, who has recently been inspired to further support GNFC by using his skills to support the ministry by compiling a collection of stories to create a book. This book will describe and demonstrate some of the history of GNFC and testimonies of those involved past and present. I hope and pray that as you read this that you will be inspired and promted to consider if God is prompting you to respond and contribute to this cause, which God really does use to change lives.

In preparation for writing this book, we would love to hear from anybody who has made GNFC what it is today. If you are a current resident, ex-resident, supporter, current staff or former staff member, professional who has worked with a resident, or maybe even the postman then you are probably in the perfect postition to add your bit! Your contribution can be big or small, showing how God has used GNFC in your walk or journey. We are looking for testimonies or stories that are transformational, inspiring, funny, encouraging and those which at times may be difficult. If you have something to say, please email us at mail@gnfc.org.uk. Now for Paul to say his bit…

For twenty-three years GNFC has been the vehicle to serve more than 2700 people, it is a rich tapestry of love and endeavour by many people from Sponsor Partners to those who do the work at the sharp end.

It starts with an incredible story of faith to buy a former hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire and is brought up to date with the addition of a farm to broaden the potential to serve others and provide skills.

This is not a story about theology or theory, nor is it intended to glorify human endeavour, but a story of human compassion and a reflection of the love that God has for his creation. This story isn’t one story, but many stories brought from different perspectives and therefore rich in content gleaned from those who have lived GNFC, maybe as former residents, volunteers and workers and not forgetting the all-important sponsors who make it possible to keep the doors open to all who have need.

This is a story of women abused by others, victims of violence, homelessness, hopelessness, drugs and alcohol. It’s the story of sanctuary and restoration, of tears and laughter, of love and compassion, of sacrifice and going the extra mile to save even one from a wasted life. It is a story to inspire the next generation to pick up the baton and run the race, the ministry will change and evolve to need, but will always be to the glory of God and the release of captives.

When the sun shines over the farm and the horses are in the fields, the chickens roaming free and the sheep on the grass, the view across the valley bathed in warm light, every resident there can see the miracle of creation and can sense hope for the future. The world can regain a colour to replace the greyness that substances provide and the clear fresh air clears the head as new skills are learned and … there is a future.

The book will celebrate hope and the faith in Christ to succeed in His mission to love our neighbour. Our Lord Jesus came to set the captives free and this story celebrates freeing captives, namely Mothers and their children, to fulfil their potential and purpose.

If you have anecdotes or stories to share for possible inclusion, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Job Vacancies

Are you, or is someone you know seeking an opportunity to allow God to work through you to make a real difference in people’s lives. Working for GNFC is rewarding and enriching, with no day being the same.

GNFC works with the whole family in a way that will bring them hope, encourage strong relationships and motivate and empower people for real and lasting change that will break the cycle of dysfunction for the next and future generations.

Please consider if you or if someone you know could be part of the team. Staff accommodation may be available if needed.

Currently, there is a vacancy to co-0rdinate the Ofsted Registered Nursery. We are looking for a dynamic and motivated individual with vision and passion to help in the development of this area of the ministry, use this link to find out more. We are also looking for someone to work with the Recovery manager to co-ordinate the Structured Recovery programme to work with women and children, providing opportunities for real and lasting change, use this link to find out more.

To enquire, please contact Hazel Guest or Jo Collier on 01298 24761 or email mail@gnfc.org.uk

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