Donating collectables
and mobile phones

Some of the things you throw away - or leave languishing in drawers - could be a source of extra funding for us.

The foreign currency left over from your holiday, old mobile phones - even used postage stamps - can all help to support the ministry of Good News Family Care.

Why not start putting them to one side? You could even involve your friends and colleagues in the project!
Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

Those euros left over from your holiday in Spain, the Dollars you were planning to use the next time you visit the US - they are all a valuable source of funding for Good News Family Care.

old mobile phones

Most households have one or two mobile phones that are no longer in use. Left lying in a drawer they can do no good at all so why not send them to us, along with their charging units, so we can turn them into cash?

Postage Stamps Foreign & UK Postage Stamps

Why not place a box in your kitchen - or some other handy spot - and write on it: "Stamps for Good News Family Care". Ask everyone in your household to place their used or mint stamps in it (not ordinary UK first and second class stamps, apparently they're too "common") You could do the same at work or your church. Start saving today! Send the stamps in bulk, to the address below.

Please send your items to:

Keith Jones
Good News Family Care · Charis House · Hardwick Square East
BUXTON · Derbyshire SK17 6PT · UK

Please include a stamped addressed envelope or your email address
if you would like an acknowledgement of your gift

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