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If you have furniture or household items that you would like to donate to Good News Family Care, please telephone our housekeeper, Tracey. Lack of storage space means we can only accept items needed at the time. We recommend sending a list of the items you have in mind to: or call Tracey on 01298 24761 - that way we can give you a firm "yes please" or "no thank you".

Once you have established that the items are needed, it would be helpful if you could arrange for them to be delivered to Charis House between the hours of 9:30am - 7:00pm Monday to Saturday (no appointment necessary). If you are unable to deliver we may be able to collect - depending on staff/vehicle availability.


Small items should be packed in boxes with the contents clearly marked on the outside
Curtains and bedding should be labelled with quantities and sizes.
We always like to say a proper 'thank you', so please attach a note with your name and address.

People often ask "How do I know if the items I wish to donate are good enough?" Here's a rough guide:

3-Piece Suites: see Lounge Suites

Baby Equipment
Car seats, cots, etc. must be very clean with no missing parts.

Baking Trays and Dishes
Metal trays should be free from rust. Pyrex type glass should be clear of chips and cracks. Baking and Casserole dishes must be complete with lids/covers.

Mattresses should be clean, free of odours and large stains. Cover material should be intact and free from rips or tears. Must have "Fire Resistant" label (see pic). Drawers in divan bases must be in good condition. Please note: we cannot accept old iron-frame beds.

Blankets, Bedding, Linens, and Towels
Duvet covers, duvets and blankets should be clean and serviceable - free from worn spots, tears, rips, mould and mildew. Place bedding items in plastic bags and attach a note showing quantity and size. Towels should be clean and free from holes or fraying.

Blenders and Mixers
Units must have power cords and be in good operating condition with no essential parts or accessories missing

Books, DVDs, CDs
We accept clean, modern books including: fiction, non-fiction, children's books, encyclopedias, cookbooks, bibles, and reference works such as dictionaries. Videos, CDs and DVDs are welcome. (no 18-rated please)

Book cases and Shelves
Clean and in good structural condition.

Cameras, Video Cameras
We welcome digital cameras and video cameras in working order.

See 'Rugs and Carpets'

See 'Motor Vehicles'

Chests of Drawers
Drawer chests should be in good serviceable condition. Drawers must be included and work freely. Units should not have been exposed to water or moisture that has caused warping of frame and drawers.

Wooden chairs should be in good condition and not need major gluing or repair. Upholstered seats on dining chairs should be in reasonable condition and repair.

Coffee Makers
Must be in good operating condition with no missing parts.

Coffee mugs
Should be free of stains, chips and cracks. Please note: we can't use small cups and saucers.

We welcome Apple Mac computers - working or not - provided they are less than five years old. We also accept PCs up to three years old so long as they are in good working order. Where possible please include software and Operating System CDs. Peripherals such as Monitors, Printers, Scanners etc. should also be in good working order

Should be clean and fairly modern. All parts (e.g. Hobs, Grill, Ovens) must be working

Cooking Utensils
Stainless steel cooking tools - such as spatulas, ladles, cooks knives etc. are always welcome.

Items should be clean, serviceable with no faded areas. Please write the dimensions on the box or package (e.g. "each curtain 36 in. wide x 90 in. drop")

Stainless steel cutlery and serving implements are always welcome.

Desks/ Office Equipment
We can find homes for desks and office chairs in good repair.

Dishes and Glassware
Should be free of cracks and chips. Please pack carefully in boxes. We don't accept odd saucers, cups or plates - but mugs are always welcome

DVD Players
Working DVD and Blu-Ray players are always welcome. See note on Video Players below

Exercise Equipment
Bikes, treadmills, gyms, weight sets etc. should be in clean, rust-free and in good working order

Fridges, Freezers and Fridge/freezers.
Should be in good, clean condition with door seal intact. Temperature controls must work. Freezer compartment doors must be intact.

Must be in good condition. Dining chairs must be in sets of at least four. We can carry out minor repairs but please check first.

We can only accept electric heaters. Units must be in good operating condition. Leads/cords should be in good condition with no frayed or exposed wire. Protective grilles must be intact.

Irons and ironing Boards
Electric irons must be in good working condition with all controls and dials intact. Power cables should be attached with no frayed or exposed wire. Ironing boards should be structurally sound with working hinges and latching mechanism. Pads should be clean without excessive signs of wear or deterioration

Should be operational with leads that are not frayed or with exposed wires. Shades should be clean and undamaged. Glass globes should in intact with no chips or cracks

Laundry Baskets
Should be in good, clean condition

Lounge suites, recliners, sofas, futons, bed-settees.
Must have label showing that the item meets fire regulations (see pic belowe). Outer cover should be clean and free from odours, large stains and worn-through areas. All seat cushions must be included and be in good repair. Foam stuffing must not be 'crumbly' or hardened

Mattresses: see beds

Microwave Ovens
Should be clean and in good operating condition. Power cords should be attached and in serviceable condition. Internal tray/turntable should be included. Door should close tightly.

Motor Vehicles.
We accept cars, vans, motorcycles etc. so long as they have at leat three months MOT remaining. Age is not important provided they are not too high mileage. V5 (Logbook) must be present. Please with as many details as possible: Make, Model, Engine Size, Registration number, mileage etc.

We are always in need of White and Magnolia Emulsion Paint.

Pictures and Picture Frames.
We welcome large pictures and picture frames in good condition.

Plastic Containers for food storage.
Food containers (e.g. Tupperware) should be clean with no cracks or stains and must be complete with snug-fitting lids/covers.

Saucepans and Frying Pans
Should be stainless steel or non-stick and in good condition. Handles should be firmly attached. Non-stick coatings (e.g. Teflon) should be in good condition. Lids should be included where possible.

Rugs and Carpets
Should be clean and in good condition without obvious wear spots, stains, and odours. Should be free of pet odours and mildew. Fitted carpet must be in large pieces and in good clean condition with no areas of excessive wear.

Stereos Hi-Fi and Small Radios
We accept small stereos, CD players, 'micro' and 'mini' hi-fi systems and radios in good working order. Electrical cords should be attached and free of frayed and exposed wire.

Stoves: see 'Cookers'.

Telephones, Answering Machines and Mobile Phones
Equipment should be clean and in working order.

Television Sets
Due to the change-over to Digital television (which took place in our TV region in 2010) we can only accept flat screen (LCD or LED) TV sets. Please include the remote control and operating instructions if possible.

Toasters and Kettles
Heating elements should be operational. Power cords should be attached and free of frayed and exposed wire.

DIY and Gardening tools in good condition are always welcome. Power tools must be fully working with cables intact.

Toys and Games
Big, strong toys in good condition with no broken or missing parts are always welcome

Vacuum Cleaners
Must be in good operating condition. Should still create strong suction and hoses should be intact with no holes. The power cord should be attached with no frayed sections

Video Players
We cannot use VHS video recorders/players. However we can use 'Combi' DVD/Video Player/Recorders, as well as DVD players and Freeview boxes. Should be in working order and complete with remote controls (and instructions if possible)

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers 
Must be fully working and free from excessive rust or other damage. Must work on all programmes. Power cables must be attached and in safe, serviceable condition. Operating manuals/User guides are desired, if possible.

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