Jobs, Volunteer Opportunities and Short Term Service


Our Volunteer Program is a cornerstone of the ministry. We are deeply grateful to the many volunteers who give their time and energy in a variety of services; without them, it's safe to say, there would be no ministry!

 Man painting wall

volunteers can help with...

Painting & Decorating
Entertaining Children
Social Work
Cooking/Serving Meals
Gardening and Farm work
Domestic Tasks
Restoring Furniture
Electrical Work
Moving Furniture
General Maintenance

Who can be a volunteer?

You don't need 'qualifications' to be a volunteer at Good News Family Care. If you are a Christian, age 21 or over, and you live in Buxton or the surrounding area, you fit the bill! There are always more jobs than people so, no matter how much time you have to spare, you are assured of a warm welcome! (and don't worry that you'll be thrown in at the "deep end" - training and support are important aspects of the program). Take a look at the list above. If there's anything you can help with, call in to Charis House any day between 10:00am and 7:00pm, or telephone (01298) 24761

David and KeithDavid (far left) a retired Civil Service manager, and Keith (near left) volunteered to "paint a room" for us one day. They must have enjoyed the experience because they continued to come every Wednesday, helping us with all manner of practical jobs

MaureenMaureen (right) a retired paediatric audiologist and Head of Service for hearing impaired children, volunteered to help in the kitchens. We quickly recognised her 'People Skills', however, and she went on to lead Parenting Classes and support parents and children (as well as preparing delicious meals for residents and staff!)

We are deeply grateful to people like David, Keith and Maureen who give their time so generously to help with jobs that our regular staff do not have the skills or the time for.

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