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TFJ volunteer scheme for
Young Christians


Sharon Washington
- former TFJ

TFJ stands for Time For Jesus - our Short Term Service programme for volunteers, which gives young Christian men and women over the age of 21, first hand "missionary" experience.

As a TFJ you will join the Good News Family Care team on a full time, live-in basis. You will work closely with parents and children who are experiencing major difficulties in their lives. Posts run from 3 months to 1 year and are open to young men and women of all nationalities. The "qualifications" required are:

  • a strong Christian faith
  • age 21 or over
  • a desire to share God's love with parents and children
  • willingness to 'have a go' at anything!


Each volunteer is different - bringing his or her own gifts and talents to the ministry. For this reason a TFJ's role within the team is, to a large extent, unique. Day to day jobs, however, include: Social Work with parents and their children (individually and in groups), administration, shopping, cooking, DIY, befriending, teaching etc.

Sharon teaching

No matter where your talents lie you can be sure that they will be used for God's Glory, and who knows, you may even discover some new ones along the way! Whether you're handy with a paintbrush or a whizz with computers, your most important duty will be to show the love of Jesus to the needy families who come to stay with us.



If you have a strong Christian faith, are aged over 21 and you have a desire toYoung man volunteer share the love of Jesus with others, you can be a TFJ. Good health is an asset (there's a good deal of energy-demanding work involved) and you must be able to work as part of a team.


We work with volunteers from many different countries – including Brazil, USA, South Korea, Germany, Kenya, Nepal, Czechoslovakia and South Africa. However, we cannot accept direct applications from overseas. If you live outside the UK and you would like to apply to Good News Family Care as a volunteer, we recommend that you contact Time For God who will be happy to process your application. www.timeforgod.org


Young woman volunteerAs a TFJ you will have your own furnished room and all your meals will be provided. You will receive £25 per week 'pocket money' and, from time-to-time, there may be opportunities to earn a little more. Expenses for travelling home (UK only) are provided 3 times a year.

Working together, as part of the Body of Christ - confronting at 'first hand' the harsh reality of this broken world - will mean learning to lean on God. Such a God-dependant environment won't allow your Christianity to be superficial. As a member of the team you will learn the importance of mutual support, fellowship, sharing, encouraging and how vital it is to trust God in all situations. You will also experience the joy of seeing God meet peoples' deepest needs as they discover freedom in Jesus Christ.

Pulane, TFJ volunteer from South Africa

Binod, TFJ volunteer from Nepal



First complete the TFJ application form and return it to us; we will contact you to arrange an interview (UK travel expenses reimbursed).

Non-UK residents should apply via Time For God

Email: gnfcmail@gmail.com
: 01298 24761
: 01298 27027 (10:00 - 16:45 Mon-Fri)
07053 603866 (all other times)

Post: TFJ Applications, Charis House, Hardwick Square East,
Buxton SK17 6PT, UK

 My time as a "TFJ"

Tracey Smith

I can honestly say that Charis House is the most interesting place I have ever worked! Every day is different. My time as a TFJ was both challenging and precious. Charis House is a place where you can 'grow' spiritually - as well as discovering the person you really are.

You'll experience the fellowship and support of other members of the team, as you build relationships and grow closer to God (it's good to know that you're never alone when working and living in such a demanding ministry).

I recommend it to anyone who feels they are being called to this kind of ministry - it is a time you'll never forget.

(Tracey stayed on after her time as a TFJ and is now Housekeeper at Charis House)

TFJ Application form

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