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  • 01298 24761
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About GNFC:

 Ethos and the staff team

GNFC Mission and Vision Statement

GNFC is a Christian based registered charity that exists to show God’s love & care in practical ways through a wide range of approaches that aim to reach the whole family. Our vision is to bring the hope that encourages, motivates and empowers people for real and lasting change; to break cycles of abuse and addiction; to foster the development of strong supportive relationships – to improve the prospects for the next and future generations and to make a positive and lasting impact in the community – the influence of each transformed life affecting the whole.


Our approach and facilities are probably unique and provide a seamless approach to care for the woman AND her children, based across two properties, one in the town of Buxton where we can care for nursery age children in our own, Ofsted registered nursery whilst Mum is engaged in her programme. The second, a short drive away, is a farm on the edge of the beautiful Derbyshire National park where participants can learn a range of skills and enjoy the open air and stunning views in the process. We are experienced in taking the family unit from dependency to independence and, if remaining local to us, continue to support them after they have left for a new life in the community. To date GNFC has assisted nearly 2,500 women and children.

We model a sense of family and belonging in a secure, non-judgemental environment where it is safe to take risks; as to fail is an opportunity to learn and to grow. Through working together with local agencies and churches our vision is to make a positive impact in the community — the influence of each transformed life affecting the whole. The support offered is tailored to each resident’s identified needs; from our risk assessment, ‘Wheel of Wellbeing Plan’ and as identified by themselves. We recognise that the level of support required may change during each individual’s residency, so is reviewed as necessary.

Our team of professional and committed staff are dedicated to supporting residents throughout their stay to achieve identified goals. We believe in a holistic approach with an emphasis on a healthy, balanced and structured lifestyle. We offer residents a combined range of interventions and a care plan, tailored to meet their individual needs and in consultation with the referring agency.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that every human being is made in the image of, and for the glory of God. Therefore each individual has intrinsic worth and must be valued and respected. Everyone deserves encouragement and should be given equal opportunity to reach the potential God has placed within them.

We work toward common goals in partnership with statutory agencies and our doors are open to all – regardless of race or religion.

Providing a safe and professional service

At GNFC we understand the importance of providing a high quality and professional service, which is safe and meets the needs of each individual we support. To achieve this, staff work within a wide range of Policies and Procedures such as Safeguarding and Health and Safety, they are informed by national and local legislation or/and guidelines. Our safeguarding lead is: Johanna Collier, who can be contacted regarding any concerns if necessary.

Our Core values:
We believe each person has the right to:

  • Dignity
  • Protection
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Love
  • Individuality
  • Compassion
  • Confidentiality
  • Security

Our Vision:
Making a Difference One by one

  • Supporting Families in Crisis
  • Equipping People for Life
  • God’s Love in Action

Basis of Faith

We believe in:
One God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Creator and sustainer of all life. The deity of Christ, the Son of God. His birth of a virgin, His sinless humanity, His atoning death on the cross, His bodily resurrection, ascension and present intercession for those who believe.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and His revelation of Himself to mankind. We believe it is the final authority in all things.

We believe in the intrinsic worth of all humankind. We are made in the image of and for the glory of God; therefore every person is to be valued and respected.

​We believe in the need for repentance for sin, New Birth by the Holy Spirit and the justification of the sinner – only by the grace of God through faith in Christ, and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all those who have faith. We believe in the resurrection of all mankind for judgement by Christ at His future visible return in power and glory.

The true cost

Family breakdown costs British taxpayers almost £50 billion a year*. But that mind-numbing figure pales to insignificance if we take into account the social cost. Behind the statistics lies human misery on a grand scale. The impact is felt in cities, towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom. No corner of our nation remains untouched.

As Christians we could not stand idly by as our country’s quality of life crumbled around us.  We felt that we must become involved and be part of the solution.  Good News Family Care exists to support the Family, to encourage a return to Christian family values and to provide a ‘safety net’ for families in crisis.

As every parent knows, family life and relationships are rarely ‘plain sailing’.  Sooner or later problems arise.  Most families are able to resolve these difficulties within the family unit, but for some the problems are so serious and deeply rooted – that outside help is called for.

Whatever the circumstances we aim to provide the appropriate level of help and support in a caring, non-judgemental atmosphere.

Who’s who

Hazel Guest
Management Committee; Charity Manager;
Farm Project Co-ordinator

Roger Guest
Management Committee;

Jo Collier
Recovery Centre Manager

Ray Baker

Joylyn McDonald-Harris
Family Support Co-ordinator

nicky photo

Nicky Pazir
Mental Health Support Worker

Gail difford

Gail Difford
Recovery Centre Support Worker


Avril Akrigg
Specialist Mental Health Support Worker

Diane Bagguley
Family Support Worker


Kay Sumpster

Angela Oldfield
 Nursery Deputy Co-ordinator

Cida Rodrigues
Pastoral Support Worker

Matthew Preston
Farm Project Skills Development Trainer

Nigel Norman
Maintenance Officer

Board of Directors and Trustees

Hazel Guest

Dettie Wallington

Annette Horsfield

Paul Raggett