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Good News Family Care has a significant impact on the lives of individuals using services, their families

and the community in which they live and spend their time.

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Below is a selection of Case Studies of people who have used and/or continue to use GNFC services

Recovery Centre Residents

An ex-resident with a history of abuse, learning difficulties and a chaotic lifestyle, she was referred to the freedom2live programme on recommendation of the judge in child protection proceedings. She came to the centre due to drug misuse, shortly after admission, her son was returned to her care. She was assisted to develop parenting skills and fully care for his needs as part of her recovery journey. During her recovery she:

  • Completed a methadone reduction programme
  • Progressed through the 12 steps to Recovery
  • Was supported by GNFC through the court proceedings to replace the Care Order with a Supervision Order
  • Provided excellent care for her son, established a positive and close bond with him, promoted his growth and development
  • Engaged in a wide range of in-house courses including relapse prevention, self-esteem, healthy eating, assertiveness and parenting skills
  • Gained a Food Hygiene certificate qualification
  • Engaged with the Work-skills projects as part of the Structured Recovery Programme
  • Engaged with external agencies
  • Volunteered in a local café.

With support, she secured her own accommodation with her son, she remains abstinent and is a positive and active member of her community.

Family Centre Residents

A young mother with three children close in age was resident in Charis House approximately 15 years ago. Her eldest daughter had learning difficulties and she had generally found parenting her family challenging, frequently feeling overwhelmed. Her stress levels were high and responses erratic. Whilst living in the Family Centre she participated in courses including Self Esteem, Managing Finance, Healthy Relationships and Positive Parenting. She also had One to One parenting sessions and took part in practical practice sessions in Nursery and with her key-worker. After moving on she developed another relationship and had another child.

Earlier this year her  eldest daughter was referred to GNFC and moved into the Family Centre as she had been in shared accommodation in a homeless project where she was bullied. Her mother visited regularly and was very supportive of her daughter. In conversation she was heard speaking to her daughter about maintaining the routines that she had taught her, explaining that they would help her to feel in control instead of depressed and discouraged. She then explained to staff that since she had left Charis House 15 years before, she had continued to maintain positive routines in keeping her house clean and tidy that she had learned and that the Parenting routines that she had adhered to had given her and her children order in their lives. She had created time to herself so that she had not felt depressed or hopeless in all those years and she warmly expressed how grateful she was that she had spent the time at Charis House as it had benefited the whole family.

Work-skills Projects

Andy (name changed) was referred to the Work-skills projects after leaving college, due to having Aspergers Syndrome. He was able to develop social and communication skills as part of the team, alongside getting involved with wood work, caring for chickens, horses and farm maintenance tasks. After 1 year of coming to the farm 2 times a week, he secured a paid job which he enjoys and feels fulfilled doing so.

Community Outreach

An ex-resident of the Family Centre from over 20 years ago continues to access support as required. She regularly attends the Creative Well-being group and Thursday Church. When she needs some support with resolving a difficult issue, she will come to GNFC for support, or just a chat.

GNFC is generously supported by a wide range of individuals, trusts, foundations and organisations, we are so grateful everyone who contributes to the work of GNFC.

Were it not for their prayer, financial support and practical input, the ministry would not be possible.


Below are some of the trusts, foundations and organisations who have supported GNFC

–  The Bingham Trust  –  British Humane Association  –  Serpentine Community Forum  –

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