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Professional Resources & Info

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Parenting Courses

The following resources have been developed, tried and tested by Good News Family Care. The courses are described below but if you need more information – or wish to clarify any points – please contact Hazel Guest on 01298 24761.

Professionals can refer parents to attend  parenting courses at GNFC, or can order the resources to facilitate it, please contact us to discuss this further.

Lives in Your Hands

Teaching young and vulnerable men and women to care for the next generation, a child protection resource from Good News Family Care


Lives in Your Hands was developed by psychologist Ruth Hanson, as a result of her findings while at the Universities of Cambridge (Institute of Criminology), Birmingham and Leeds. Working with multi-disciplinary teams, Ruth was able to carry out wide-ranging explorations into juvenile delinquency, child abuse, and the assessment of pre-school and infant children’s mental development. She became a tutor to Clinical Medical Officers and Clinical and Educational Psychologists.

As Ruth spent time with the parents of abused children she became convinced of the need to communicate to these young men and women, the privileges and responsibilities they have in dealing with children.

The Course

As many professionals recognise, the cycle of abuse and dysfunction seen in many families today is responsible not only for human misery within those families, but is also damaging to our society. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of crime. It has been found that parents of abused infants are much more likely to participate in various other types of crime – both before and after their children have been harmed – than is the case in families where children have not been abused (reported by Smith, Hanson and Noble in the British Medical Journal in 1973).

Clearly, preventive education is vital, but the education system is not designed to reach young people with major, on-going problems. Most of them avoid school anyway and when they do attend they are often in no fit state to learn.

Lives in Your Hands is designed to intervene in this tragic cycle – beginning with a session in which participants are helped to step back into their own childhood and are encouraged to think of themselves as ‘the experts’-since they have experienced a childhood they would not like other children to have!

The course is suitable for young men and women, and for a wide variety of settings – including Social Care organisations, Family Centres, Antenatal Classes, Schools, Young Offenders’ Institutions and Prisons. The teaching can be carried out by experienced individuals or professionals from local churches.

The course is designed to run over a period of 8 weekly sessions.

Week 1
Me and My Childhood
Week 2
Helping Children Grow Strong
Week 3
Being In Charge
Week 4
A Child’s Day
Week 5
Afternoon With a Family
Week 6
Difficult Questions Children Ask
Week 7
Children Need Happy Parents
Week 8
Presentation of Certificates
Additional Parenting Notes

Additional practical teaching notes by Maureen Durdle are included. They are designed to help develop skills in practical aspects of child care and build on the foundations laid in the weekly Lives In Your Hands sessions, they cover:

  • Bonding
  • Feeding
  • Establishing Routines
  • Physical Handling
  • Understanding Needs
  • Play Skills
  • Health and Hygiene

The Lives In Your Hands course includes leaders notes, course material and visual aids. It is available in two different formats: Photocopy Master – for use with your photocopier; and .PDF* which allows you to print directly from your PC.Lives In Your Hands

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Photocopy Master
Note: the .PDF version is compatible with all PCs – including Windows and Apple Macs. Acrobat Reader* required.

Copyright Notice: The course is copyright © Good News Family Care. Under the terms of sale you are permitted to make and distribute copies of the course for use within your organisation or church, so long as it is not altered or modified in any way. Please send a donation for each copy made, amount at your  discretion. To discuss the course in more detail, please call Hazel Guest 01298 24761.

To order: email mail@gnfc.org.uk stating which format of the course you require, preferred format (Photocopy Master, CD ROM, USB) and delivery method (Post or email). We will send you an order form to return with your payment. Cheques should be made payable to Good News Family Care, or you can pay via My Donate