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  • 01298 24761
  • 01298 24761
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Referring Potential Clients:  to the Family Centre

Our services are offered to people from all backgrounds – regardless of age, ability, nationality, race, sexual orientation or religion. Families who need help can approach us directly or they can be referred by a third party – such as a Voluntary or Statutory Agency, General Practitioner, Health or Social Worker, Probation Officer or a Christian Organisation. We consider referrals of single and expectant mothers and women with no children.

Each referral is carefully assessed by our Care Panel who decide whether or not our facilities and resources are able to meet the particular needs of the parents and children.

For current vacancies please call 01298 24761

Eligibility Criteria
Women and their children are eligible for our accommodation if they:

  • Are homeless
  • Need safe accommodation due to risk of domestic violence/abuse
  • Need support due to learning difficulties
  • Need support with their parenting skills
  • Are a vulnerable young person

To be offered a place, women must meet the requirements of our referral process, agree to the terms and conditions of the licence agreement and recognise that they need support.

We accept

  • Women from the age of 16
  • Girls with their mothers
  • Boys up to the age of 10, with their mothers (we will consider boys up to the age of 12 on an individual basis)

We are unable to accept:

  • Pets
  • Boys over the age of 12
  • Women who are using non-prescribed substances*
  • Women who are on a methadone programme*
  • Women who are dependent upon alcohol*

* these clients may be eligible for our Recovery Support

Download the PDF- ReferralForm

Care professionals who are considering referring clients to Good New Family Care are encouraged to download our information document which covers all the
services we offer, current fees etc.

Download the PDF – Information for caring professionals