Residential Recovery Programme

Level 1

Specific Residential Recovery Support for women with higher level/complex needs 

The Structured Day Programme is not medical or psychiatric, the approach is holistic with emphasis on a healthy, balanced and structured lifestyle.

For many, becoming free from alcohol and drugs is not the hardest part of overcoming an addiction. Maintaining a substance free lifestyle is the bigger challenge and there are usually deep and complex underlying reasons for this.

Causes may be one or more of: – abuse suffered as a child, abandonment, the loss of a loved one, low self-esteem, family violence with physical or psychological abuse, or a failed relationship. These are not easy issues to face at the best of times, but much harder when combined with the additional challenge of recovering from dependency on alcohol or drugs. No matter what the reasons were when a woman first started to misuse use alcohol or drugs or other use other addictive behaviours, once a pattern of abusing has been established she may not be able to see any other way of coping. After a long history of substance abuse, a woman may be swamped by an avalanche of painful emotions and physical trauma. This can be overwhelming for the person and their loved ones – especially when unprepared for it, and not knowing what’s happening or what to do, indeed initially, recovery may take a person a long way outside their comfort zone.

This is crucial time when additional support is essential for someone to be able to learn and develop a healthy lifestyle and reduce the chance of returning to destructive behaviours.

What we do

We offer several elements of support including Residential Recovery and a Structured Day Programme

Residential Recovery

The freedom2live Residential Recovery Programme is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide residential support services for women following detoxification from drugs or alcohol. It includes individual support plans and regular reviews of progress. As part of the Programme, residents take part in all aspects of the Structured Recovery Programme.

Structured Recovery Programme

The programme is tailored to facilitate a healthy, balanced and structured lifestyle incorporating courses, skills for work, training and activities. It is available to residents and male and female day clients.

Day Nursery / Play Centre

Childcare is available at our OFSTED registered Day Nursery (staffed and supervised by qualified childcare professionals) to care for children of Recovery Centre Residents whilst they engage in the programme.  In order to meet the needs of children in residence, we provide qualified childcare and offer participation in Case Conferences / Team Around the Family meetings with verbal and written reports.

What the Structured Day Programme includes

Recovery Specific Support

 12 steps Programme
 Life’s Healing Choices
 Relapse prevention
 Individual Support Plans

Group Courses

 Spiritual Growth

 Self Esteem

 Relationship Skills

 Parenting Support
 Works skills training
  Anger management

 Healthy Eating

Farm based Work-skills Projects

 Animal Care
 Horse riding


 Woodwork skills
 Land maintenance

Activities also include

 Creative Well-being group

Visits to local attractions or events

Parenting Support sessions and courses are available according to need.

Residents are encouraged to be involved in planning as well as participating in various activities. Childcare is available at our OFSTED registered Day Nursery to care for children of Recovery Centre Residents whilst they engage in the programme.


Residents of the freedom2live programme live at Oldfield Farm, a 4-bed self-contained Grade II listed farmhouse during Stage one (4-9 months). This offers a peaceful, rural setting, that allows reflection and relaxation, with the opportunity to take walks in the beautiful Goyt Valley.

Agency information

Referrals related to life-controlling dependencies – such as drugs or alcohol – will be considered for a place on our Recovery programme.

Individuals may approach us directly or they can be be referred by Voluntary and Statutory Agencies, GPs, Police, Probation, Community Drug/Alcohol teams, Health and Social workers, Christian organisations and Churches.

The ‘freedom2live’ Structured Recovery Programme

The ‘freedom2live’ Recovery Programme offers residents a combined range of interventions and a support plan, tailored to meet individual need and consists of two stages. In partnership with Community Drug/Alcohol Team. Health Department and other relevant agencies, Good News Family Care can provide the following services:

  • Structured day programme
  • Targeted support for women and their children
  • Care Team support, incorporating key-worker system
  • Support Plans (in consultation with client and agencies)
  • Courses / Support groups
  • Participation in case conference, core group and planning meetings
  • Parent/Child Contact facilities
  • Registered Day Nursery with Baby Unit and Early Years Education Unit
  • Help with: Housing, budgeting, job-seeking, home management, cooking, nutrition, personal development, health/hygiene, further education
  • Continued support after completing the programme

The ‘freedom2live’ Structured Recovery Programme includes:

  • 12-step recovery programme‘Life’s Healing Choices’Work-based Skills Project;
  • Holistic recovery specific group and individual sessions (e.g. relapse prevention, hierarchy of need, cycle of change)
  • A range of courses including topics of Self-esteem and Parenting (age appropriate);
  • Cognitive self-help groups;
  • Healthy living sessions/discussions;
  • AA groups, and where appropriate other relevant courses are accessed externally (in Stage 2).

While we do not seek to treat issues of mental health difficulties, eating disorders, sensory and/or physical impairments or learning difficulties; we accept people affected who experience these conditions and facilitate access to appropriate services.

Males and females who are non-resident are eligible to participate in selected Structured Recovery Programme activities.

Stage Two:‘freedom2live’ Programme

Women who successfully complete the 1st stage of the Recovery programme are offered a further period of stabilisation in the Family Centre for Stage 2 of the programme. This stage can continue from 3 – 9 months according to individual need. The recovery programme and specific activities are accessible through this stage, while enabling the client to have increased independence, and opportunities to integrate with other residents in the Residential Family Centre and the local community.


Every effort is made to assist clients in applying for benefits and fees support for which they may be eligible, but payment for periods not covered must be underwritten by the referring agency.

Support services are subsidised by charitable donations from our supporters. Nursery/Childcare fees and additional support fees must be underwritten by the referring agency.


We accept referrals for single women and mothers with their children (in all cases when risk assessments are favourable and with agreement with the local Social Care department only).

Each individual will be assessed prior to their arrival and a rigorous referral process is undertaken including an interview which may be facilitate in person or by telephone or Skype. Ideally women who are referred will be detoxified from alcohol or illicit substances on arrival, however a controlled detoxification may be considered in liaison with health care professionals.

Please note; if a person is detoxing on a methadone reduction programme, rather than arriving having already detoxed, it can delay progress and may take more than 6 months.

If you wish to discuss a possible referral, please contact Hazel Guest or Johanna Collier by ringing: 01298 24761 or email us at

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