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Good News Family Care works with vulnerable women their children who have experienced a range of difficulties and who are requiring support to make positive steps forward.

Four Levels of Support


Specific Residential Recovery Support for women with higher level/complex needs (and young children when appropriate)


Residential Family Centre for women with medium level support needs or leaving residential recovery.


Community outreach support courses activities and drop-in groups


Farm and community-based skills development training projects available for all clients across our services.

Good News Family Care is a registered Charity, founded in 1994. Working towards common goals in partnership with statutory agencies, our doors are open to all families, regardless of race or religion. We do all we can to strengthen family bonds and uphold the Family as an institution.

Our goal is to see families back on their feet, in their own homes and re-integrated into the community. We can help with temporary accommodation, budgeting, job-seeking, home management, parenting, cooking, nutrition, personal development, health, hygiene, further education, applying for benefits and grants and securing move-on accommodation.


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