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Are you tired of hearing about the social problems we face in Britain today? Problems such as domestic abuse, dysfunctional families, drug and alcohol misuse, anti-social behaviour and homelessness?

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Every day the media bombards us with more bad news: a boy stabbed, a grandmother beaten in her own home. Teen pregnancies. Gang fights. Drug addiction. Child abuse....

What is happening to our great nation? Why do so many live such wretched lives? We are not a poor country. We talk of 'recession' but the fact is we are the world's 6th sixth largest economy. Yet in every town and city we are witnessing the relentless erosion of our "quality of life".

Who's to blame?
We must all share the blame. In the name of political correctness we have allowed the Christian principles our country was built upon, to become watered down - to the extent where they are almost ineffectual. We have failed to encourage and support marriage and we stand idly by as the Family - the bedrock of our society - goes into meltdown.

The true cost
Family breakdown costs British taxpayers almost £50 billion a year
*. But that mind-numbing figures pales to insignificance if we take into account the social cost. Behind the statistics lies human misery on a grand scale. The impact is felt in cities, towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom. No corner of our nation remains untouched.

*Souce: Relationship Foundation think tank 2013"

What can be done?
It seems to us that we have two choices: we can grumble about "the state of society", stick our heads firmly in the sand and hope that the problem will go away. Or we can try to do something about it. At Good News Family Care we believe the latter choice is the sensible one!

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We are optimistic. We believe our society can be healed but we must start by recognising that strong, happy communities revolve around strong, happy families.

Good News Family Care exists to:

Support marriage and the Family

Encourage a return to Christian principles

Provide a 'safety net' for families in crisis

Help people overcome life-controlling addictions

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